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Deryn Toulson is an American fashion designer and Founder and CEO of luxury handbag and accessory brand RICHÉ LUXURY. Hailing from New Orleans, Louisiana, where she was steeped in arts and culture from a young age, Toulson began her career in contemporary arts and dance. She went on to become a professional cheerleader for both the NBA and NFL, dancing with the New Orleans Saints, the Dallas Cowboys, and the New Orleans Hornets. As a decorated veteran in dance, Toulson took her talents to the fashion industry, designing luxury handbags as a means to bring the high-end fashion experience to an inclusive market. In 2021, Toulson founded RICHÉ LUXURY, setting out to redefine the terms of high-fashion as a Black woman entrepreneur.
Her community work and philanthropic pursuits include serving as a Nurse in Texas hospitals and giving back through her charity, Backpack Angels, an organization that provides essential needs and personal care products in customized backpacks to houseless communities – marrying her passions for design, fashion, and humanitarianism. 
She is a wife and mother of three.


Changing the luxury fashion landscape one handbag at a time, RICHÉ designer and founder is a power house.